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    So my good friend :iconfudgepudge: and I looked through and explored a few programs that are compatible to all devices. Then decided, since downloading might bring in virus'/people don't want to download something for such a little thing, we'll go with a website.

    That, and I hated the look and feel of the program we stumbled upon at first, so I kept looking.

    We came across a lovely little website,, that pretty much makes a private group for you and the friends, including a lovely chat with commands, picture and url sharing, etc. is compatible for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. So if you plan to join our little party, I hope the website is suitable and comfortable on your device.

    Our RP group name is 'FreaksGalore' because I couldn't come up with anything else when creating the group on the spot. ANYWAY.

    If you wish to join the group, send me your email in note and I'll invite you in. 

    It's up to us to get this shit rolling, and for my dedication, if I'm not busy at school or out shopping, I will be in there a good majority of the time to keep those who just pop in company if they want any. 
    Hope we have fun.
Y'know what pisses me off?
When we all talk about 'The Good ol'RP days'
sure, yeah, okay we're aaaaall older now. Not the silly.... what... 11 to 16 year olds fangirling/boying over fictional characters who we feel we can smush into our RPs willy nilly.
Yes, I admit, we had some crazy fucking times back in 2010...or 2011...or some shit. I will admit that they were both a good crazy, and a bad crazy. 
But I'm sad because a good majority of all of us have separated. Kite... Kid... I talk to her occasionally which is hella nice.
Lee, I feel like I've kinda abandoned because I'm never on DA anymore and I feel like shes just branched off to other people.
Jana and Mike are shitheads and I talk to them about every day.
Miranda's busy...
Renee... shes older than a lot of us but she seems awesome and I feel like she should be included too cause she hella.
But none of us really GET TOGETHER anymore... When we fucking could. We really fucking could. 
But unfortunately a good majority have grown distant from one another, or some people have grown accustomed to RPing with only 1 or 2 other people at a time.
I don't know, just wish we'd all just stop the whole 'I miss the old days' when if we really put effort into it we could pump that shit up again.
Just... just rambling. Don't mind me.  
just nyeh.
Eliatrope Manni by Funkeys5
Eliatrope Manni
I'm Wakfu trash is all.
Have a Elia!Manni.



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